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Make it personal: How handwritten notes can help you "wow" your customers

As business owner's we're always looking for different ways to "wow" our customers. More and more companies are becoming customer-focused. One way to enhance the customer experience is by adding a "personalized touch" to your business: The Hand Written Note.

This small gesture shows your consumers how dedicated your brand is to customer service. With 76% of American shoppers viewing customer service as a "true test" of how much a brand values them (Aspect Software)," the small details do not go unnoticed.

Purchase custom made stationary or cards with your company logo, Or if you're on a budget, purchase note cards that are similar to your brands color, theme and logo design.

When thinking about incorporating a streamlined system to implement the hand written notes, determine when the cards or notes will go out for each customer, or business partners.

If possible, hand write thank you notes to customers, vendors or manufacturers. Welcome your customers with a short and simple note thanking them for using your services. Write cards to customers when they share information with you like celebratory moments such as marriages, the birth of a child, or sending a card after your first coaching session with your client, after completion of a project or task if you’re a Virtual Assistant.

While adding this technique may seem a bit time consuming, its the thought that counts.

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