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If networking is not turning out the results you expected, try this method instead

Image Credit Ebony Magazine

As much as we would love to rely solely on social media for all of our marketing needs, the truth of the matter is, we must network outside of our hand held devices . Its the only way we'll be able to expand our reach.

For introverts, or people who just don't like being social for whatever reason, unfortunately you'll have to step out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there anyway! Here's a tip: Be intentional.

Try attending an event where your potential client and or customer may be. Narrow down your search for your specific target audience, such women’s conferences. If you're a life style brand dedicated to helping women overcome obstacles in their life, then perhaps a woman's conference is your ideal event.

To be more specific, the "Pricing for Profit" is an event specifically designed for event professionals in the wedding planning industry. As a makeup artist or hairstylist, this type of event maybe the perfect opportunity to expand your network, introduce your brand and learn from wedding planners and their industry.

Have you recently started a cosmetics line? Coterie Retreat is an event designed for women of color in the wedding and event planning industry. Many of the women who attend the event either purchase cosmetics or refer their clients to makeup artists who carry them. While networking may require a bit of your time and resources, the investment is worth it once you bag that ideal customer!

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