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Skip the Blog and Vlog it!

Most people Vlog for entertainment purposes, why not Vlog to provide content to your audience. Sometimes writing blogs, tweeting and posting on other social media platforms can get redundant. Perhaps you just don’t feel like writing today. That’s perfectly fine! Vlog! You can essentially Vlog about anything.

In fact, rather than trying to come up with topics to write on a weekly, daily or monthly basis, Vlog it! Get creative! Switch things up a bit! What should you Vlog about? The ideas are endless! Start by writing a list of topics your audience may be interested in.

A great way to engage with your online community is to ask them, what they’d like to learn from you. Writing a list will also help you edit the content, stay organized and to help you create a consistent theme with your messages.

What should I Vlog about? For example, if you’re a clothing designer, Vlog about your journey of creating a new clothing line. From conception, to designs, fabric choices, construction of clothing, tailoring. Teach your audience as you go along the proper steps on how to select fabric choices and why? The perfect way to construct jeans out of denim.

Are you a “Master Class” expert? Rather than Vlog about the actual “Master Class”, teach your audience how to create their own. Again, from the conceptualization stage, to how to come up with topics to teach the class, what materials are needed to do so, the perfect time to host a Master Class and lastly, why charging for a “Master Class” makes sense vs having one for free?

Most business owners limit their Vlogging to just social events. I say use it to provide your audience with valuable, helpful, information. Will you incorporate Vlogging into your marketing strategy?

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