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How to create holiday marketing campaigns

If you’re like me you’re thinking “this year flew by pretty fast!” We’re already heading into the holidays however you still have time to either work on a holiday marketing strategy to boost sales and revenue or to tweak your marketing strategy a bit to get the best results possible. Preparation is the key to success.

This year, retailers can expect 43% of Consumers to shop online while 32% will shop in-store. The major upcoming American Holidays are Thanksgiving Thursday November 24, 2016, Black Friday November 25, 2016, Small Business Saturday November 26, 2016, Cyber Monday November 28, 2016, Christmas Eve Saturday December 24, 2016, Christmas Day Sunday December 25, 2016, New Years Eve Thursday December 31, 2016 and New Years Day Friday January 1, 2016. According to an article on Twitter’s Blog, written by Joe Wadlington, 70% of US Shoppers will begin their shopping before December 2, 2016. Do you have enough time to prepare of the upcoming season? Yes! Here are some tips on how you can capitalize on this year’s holiday shopping season.


Like with any campaign, you’ll want to think about design. From your website to your social media posts, adding holiday themes or colors will help to create a “festive” vibe! Skip the corny décor of the typical pumpkins for fall oh, and my favorite (sarcasm) pictures of fall leaves. We know it’s fall but there are other creative, fun ways you can display fall into your marketing campaigns. Choose fall colors such as deep red, gold, use filters or accents with silver, gold and red glitter. Add white, cream, jade, blue, plum, brown, orange, black, and jewel tones.


Here are examples of how to incorporate holiday colors and themes into your marketing strategy

  • Home goods store: create a theme of jeweled tones used as place settings for holiday dinners. Like dark purple wine goblets with a combination of white flowers inside of gold accented vases.

  • Makeup artist: Use fall colors such as red, orange and brown lipsticks with smoky eyes to advertise your services. If you want to take it up a notch, create makeup tutorials.

  • Online clothing stores, create a “holiday look book” of your favorite pieces to be displayed on your website.

  • Hair stylists, create holiday hair ideas and DIY tutorials. As the seasons change, so does our hair, from dryness to hair breakage. Create a quick tutorial for the best products that helps keep hair moisturized during the winter season.

  • Personal Chef’s, Caterers and Home based cooks: upload videos of you preparing your favorite recipes. Now that the weather has cooled, create and post recipes for hot spiced teas and coffees or easy to make soups.

Get your followers involved!

Challenges: Everyone loves a fun challenge! For example, there are a number of people who, for lack of better words, are “less than stellar” in the kitchen. Create a challenge for non-cooks, where your audience can recreate easy holiday recipes.

If you’re an online clothing store, have your followers upload pictures of themselves purchasing the thigh high suede “Kim” boots. The winner who styled the outfit the best will get a free $75.00 gift card.

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