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Salon Owners: Turn "mobile traffic" into foot traffic this holiday season

Have you given much thought about your holiday marketing strategy? There’s no better time to raise brand awareness than around the holiday season as a Salon Owner. The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to grow your business. Did you know that 84 percent of digital shoppers reach for devices before or during store visits? In other words, as a Salon owner, it is imperative to your brand that you have a solid marketing strategy in place. So how do you turn “mobile traffic” into “foot traffic”? Here’s how:


Like with any marketing campaign, you’ll want to think about design. From your website to your social media posts, adding holiday themes or colors will help create a “festive” vibe! Choose fall colors such as deep reds, white, cream, jade, blue, plum, brown, orange, black, and jewel tones.

Target Audience

I know, I know, you hear the term “target audience” thrown around a lot however, you must understand who your target audience is, in order to maximize on your marketing efforts. For example, if you’re a “Natural Hair Care Specialist”, then your target audience would be women who are natural. If you’re a “Colorist”, your audience can be just about anyone who colors their hair. Remember, everyone isn’t your target audience. Not everyone will need nor utilize your services which is why it’s important to narrow your target audience.


I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Content is King”. Basically, it means, to provide your audience with valuable helpful information. Most hair stylists show videos and photos of their “finished product” online but rarely do they use the opportunity to teach their audience how to take care of their hair in between salon visits. Ask your audience for feedback if you’re unsure about what topics to discuss. Simply ask your audience “what do you struggle with the most in regards to your hair”? From there you can create DIY (Do it yourself) hair Tutorials, Newsletters that can contain helpful tips, “Hair tip of the day” posts, and Protective styles. If you need further information on how to create a marketing strategy click here


Did you know that video marketing generates 1200% social media shares? You can get creative with your videos! DIY hair tutorials are insanely popular on Instagram. Videos can receive upwards of 100,000 or even more views. Since we’re sticking with the holiday theme for your marketing strategy, try DIY tutorials related to the holidays such as “holiday hair styles” or “how to slay your hair for thanksgiving”. If you’re a salon owner with a product line, promote your products in the DIY hair tutorials. Teach your audience in a “holiday hair tutorial”, how to use your products when styling their hair. Be sure to add in the caption of your social media posts any relevant information pertaining to the products used, more importantly, how to purchase the items.


Use hashtags as a marketing strategy to raise brand awareness. Make sure that your hash tags are directly related to the holidays. For example, #thanksgiving hair “how you look when you’re about to go in on the mac n cheese” #thanksgiving or “starting my healthy hair journey this #thanksgiving”.

You can use the holiday season as way to grow your following, raise brand awareness, and drive traffic to your salon.

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