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I know some of you new business owners are tired, overwhelmed, frustrated or simply don’t know what to do next in regards to your business. Don't be discouraged! Maybe your current strategy that you have in place isn’t producing the best results. That's fine! Let’s refocus here for a minute and strategize.

If you want more customers, you have to go after them. If you want to snag your “dream client” you have to reach out to them and set up that meeting. How do you go about doing so? I’ll tell you. For the next 30 days, challenge yourself to grow. You already know how many customers you want, who your target audience is and who your “ideal client is”. So, go let’s go find them! Here’s how:


I’ve read several articles, blogs and books on how to “properly” approach a client via email, and everyone seems to have their own methods and or practices. What I will say is, before you randomly send out an email to just anyone, research your ideal client and or customer first. You can include any common interest in your email to “break the ice”. For example:

“Hello Charles

My name is Sam Jordan. I am the CEO and Founder of Tech Based Solutions in Atlanta, GA. I am reaching out to you to formally introduce myself. I noticed that you attended San Francisco State, I too am an alumni. I graduated a year prior to your graduation date.”

Here's what you can add to your introductory email:

  • The possibility of collaborating in the near future

  • How your company may be able to provide solutions for your potential client.

  • Send an informal email introducing yourself while complimenting your potential client’s volunteer work within the community.

Connect on LinkedIn

Practically everyone is on LinkedIn. If you don’t feel comfortable sending an email you can always shoot them a message on LinkedIn. If there is someone who may be connected to your potential client, reiterate it in the email “We have a common connection, Sharon Jones, from YMC Bank”.

Social Media

Follow 3 accounts you’re interested in working with in the near future, or a potential client. Build a relationship through engagement. Start off by once again, offering a compliment on their latest event, community initiatives or even their new website.

Ask for the Referral

Create an email to send to your current and past customers asking for referrals. Who better than to market your products and or services than your existing customers. Offer an incentive of “15% off on next your order if you refer a friend or family member”. To track the referrals, create a code that can be used at the checkout of your shopping cart section. Get creative and send out an email template for your customers to send out to their friends and family with your contact information on it “Hey friends and family, check out A’Sha’s skin care line! I use their products all the time. You’ll love the results and it’s hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin.” End the email with your customer’s name, so that it appears to be a personalized email sent from them, promoting your products or services.

Attend a Networking Event

Make a point to attend 1 networking event this month. Search Eventbrite or check out any Meet Up groups for recommendations on networking events in your area. Grab your business cards and get to “networkin”!

Sell your Products/Services

Bump that noise! Sell your products and services and be UNAPOLOGETIC about it! You did not come this far to hope and wish that someone would just so “happen” to see your products and or services and make a purchase. Sell them! Post at least one advertisement a day for the next 30 days STRAIGHT on every single one of your social media accounts. Pay attention to posting times for the various platforms available to get the best results possible. Put yourself out there!

Step up your social media game

Share info, links to resources and business tips at least once a day in all categories listed. You don’t have to blog a full article. You can keep it short and simple post tips instead. If you don’t feel like blogging, Vlog it! Record a short clip of what you would originally write, post it and keep it movin!

Your new 30 Day Challenge to grow your business starts today! Keep us posted with your results!

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