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How The "Art" of Storytelling" can help you create better content

Whether you’re an avid blogger or someone who’s just starting out blogging, sometimes consistently creating content can be a challenge. Here’s a method you can use to help you create content for your blog and social media posts. It’s called “Storytelling”.

Storytelling is another way to deliver content to your audience. The writer essentially “breaks up” the content into sections and posts the info over a period of time. For example, if I’m a hairstylist, I’d create a “story” or content about the importance of using natural products for your hair.

First, I’d discuss how hair grows, what natural products are, how and why natural products work well on your hair and end the “story” with suggesting various natural products to use. Instead of cramming all the information into one blog post, spread the content out over multiple blogs and social media posts. Meaning, dedicate one blog post to “how hair grows”. The next, “what are natural products”. Here’s an exercise you can use to help you create content.


“Brain Dump” is another way of saying “empty out your brain”. Whatever thoughts or ideas come to mind, write them down. Another way to “Brain Dump” is, think of the words that best describes the topics you want to discuss with your audience. For example, if I’m a Realtor perhaps the first thing that comes to my mind would be “house, search, car, home loan, inspection”. The words don’t have to “make sense” for now. This is just an exercise used to get you started with creating content.


Next, go back and search all of the words that fall in the same category. Going back to the Realtor example “car, house and search” would fall into one category. “Home Loan, “Renovation” and “Financing” would fall into another category. Keep adding words to each category slot until there are no more words to add.


Now it’s time to organize your ideas! What subject would you discuss first based on the words listed in the categories? Number each word 1-10 or 1-5. 1 being the first subject, 10 is the last subject. For example, “house, search, car”. House 1, Car 2, Search 3.


You should now have a clear idea on what topics to discuss, based on the previous “organization” step. For example, as a Realtor you may want to teach your clients how to prioritize their home search based on wants vs needs.


At this point, you’re ready to create your content! Choose a “theme” that will peak your audience’s interest. For example, a hair stylist’s theme could be “This week’s theme we’ll be discussing all things natural for our naturalistas out there! Learn what products are best for healthy hair”. Here’s a tip on how to format your information:

  • Intro-briefly discuss topic

  • Body-detailed information

  • End-summarized what was discussed, how it will help your readers and end it with a “Call To Action”. Tell your readers what you want them to do with the information you provided them with.

Download your free "Content Creation" Worksheet

Try The "Art of Storytelling" method to help you create content for your blog and social media accounts.

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