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10 Ways Automation can help you get more done as a new business owner

Automating your daily responsibilities as a business owner will save you time and allow you to be productive in your business. Focus on what matters the most by incorporating automation processes into your business. Here are 10 automation tools to use in your business:

Panda Doc

Have contracts signed while you’re on the go and notified once their signed. Panda Doc’s electronic signatures are legal and enforceable, much like the handwritten physical documentation. They’re also compliant with both the UETA and the Federal ESIGN ACT. No more running to the printer and fax machine to have your clients or vendors sign documents. The Electronic Files are also saved and stored into Cloud.


Manage all your social media marketing in one place. In previous blog posts, we discussed the importance of posting times and engagement to build your online community. As someone who works full time, having to keep up with the correct posting times for each social media platform is a daunting, time consuming task. Hootsuite’s software helps you manage your ROI to determine which marketing campaigns are effective.


I know several Freelancers and Project Managers who are raving fans of Asana. Asana helps you easily track your work and collaborate with your team members while doing so. You’ll be able to track projects from the start to finish it even includes a feature that lets you know what the next step is in your project.


Tracking your expenses is an essential task for running a business. It helps you budget your finances while helping your keep track of your expenses. We all need to keep track of our expenses for IRS filing purposes and Expensify will help you do just that! You literally can “smart scan” your receipts and Expensify will file it in its proper folder. It even has a built-in feature for reimbursement reporting for your employees who can have their work expenses reimbursed.


Act is a Customer & Contact Manager program. It’s a CRM (Contact Relationship Management) system that stores your customer’s information, marketing campaigns, and any other interaction you’ve had with the customer. A CRM is good to have for your business to track and monitor customer behavior, helps you maintain and retain your customers, while helping you improve customer service.


When building an email list and growing your business MailChimp is the go to product! Create beautiful, professional email marketing campaigns for free if sending to less than 1,000 customers. Anything over 1,000, MailChimp offers an affordable monthly solution. It’s super easy to use and you can get started working on your campaigns right away. Just upload your existing CRM into their database and start creating your email marketing campaigns!


Does your business accept credit card payments? Due is great for online businesses that accepts credit card payments. There are no hidden fees, no per transaction cost and the integration is simple. Another perk of using Due is that you typically receive payments in about 1 to 2 business days.

Word Press

Word Press is generally used for Blogging. Blogging is great for your business because it gives you the opportunity to provide valuable information to your audience, establish credibility and raise brand awareness. Because your time is limited as someone who works full time, you can write all of your posts for the week or month at one time, then schedule the time to publish them. For example, write your content for your blog on a Sunday and schedule to have the articles published on Tuesday at 5:30am (EST Time).


Have an idea? Need to write something down quickly? Evernote makes it easy for you to not only write down and store your notes but organize them as well. You can automatically add screenshot images and website links to any folder.

Drop Box

Drop Box is a tool used for file storage, file sharing and backing up your files. Backing up your files is critical to your business. Make a habit early on in your business to back up your files. To avoid losing all of your hard work, back your files up using Drop Box. We always hear stories of computers and laptops crashing which is devastating because users often are unable to retrieve their files.

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