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How to use Linkedin for your business

Ever wonder how you can use LinkedIn for your business? LinkedIn is more than a professional networking site used for employees who are looking for career changes. Entrepreneurs and small business owners can use LinkedIn to network and gain new customers. Here’s how:

Post your content

If you’re an avid blogger or if you post frequently on your social media accounts, transfer the information from your blogs to your LinkedIn account. You may want to switch up your introduction or let your readers know that the article “was originally written by Jon Sam on the timeforawakeup blog”. Before you go on a hunt for all of your articles that you’ve written, think about your marketing strategy. Who is your target audience? Organize your thoughts and topics into a cohesive brand message, while highlighting your level of expertise. Start with a theme for example “how to create epic newsletters that will get your employees excited and ready to read the next article”. Include a link back to your original blog as well as any resources.

Sell an EBook or an ECourse

Here’s where your blog comes in handy. Create a post about your EBOOK or ECOURSE, then insert a link to your website for your subscribers to sign up for the EBOOK or the ECOURSE. For example, as a Brand Strategist, I’d write an article titled “The Top 10 ways to boost your content”. I’d then insert a link to sign up for my book at the end of the article.

Join a Group

Much like Facebook’s private group sessions, LinkedIn has various groups that you can join that requires membership access. Once your membership is approved you can start to connect with like-minded individuals and share your valuable insight on various topics.

Find your ideal client

You never know where you may meet your next client and LinkedIn might be the right place! Create an introduction email or message to send to your ideal client introducing yourself. It may take a lot of work and research on your part however, find something relatable that you can talk about to your ideal client. For example, “I noticed that you’re a volunteer at the young girls for scholar’s academy, I volunteer there as well. I’m really good friends with Sandra Tomy, the Director”. I’d send at least 3 emails. One an introduction, the second a follow up email that includes what you do, your services, how you can help them, and third something reiterating the first message and why you’d like to land a meeting with your ideal candidate.


Here’s a chance for you to meet with someone who has access to your ideal target audience. Say for example, an HR representative who can possibly give you an opportunity to speak with their employees during a lunch break. For example, if I’m a Realtor or a Mortgage Loan Officer, I’d search for HR Representatives to schedule a meeting to see how I can get in front of their employees to do a home buying seminar or set up a “home buying day” for anyone to ask me questions about purchasing or refinancing their home.

LinkedIn is not just for employees who are looking to change careers, it’s also used for business owners who are looking to take their business to new levels.

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