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5 Ways to capture leads from your blog

Lead generation can be a bit tricky. Some have "mastered the art" of lead conversion while others are still trying to "get the hang of it". Each time someone visits your page, there's an opportunity to turn them into loyal readers, and eventually customers. There are various ways in which you can accomplish this. Here's a few quick tips to help you capture leads from your blog:

Download items

If you offer your audience free downloadable items, have your visitors give their email addresses first in exchange for the items. You've probably seen this quite a bit on various blogs where the host will ask for your information in exchange for your email address. Its simply their way of building their mailing list which is something you should already be doing in your business. A Mailing list is a customer base that business owners use to market to their customers. Once you have a large enough list, you don't have chase your customers.

Archive your articles

Another way to capture leads from your blog or website is to have an option where readers can “save the article for later”. This allows the reader to save the article for their archives to read later. Create a sign up area on your website to have the article of choice sent to the subscribers inbox. Send the article highlighting the tips that you want them to focus on or anything that you may find useful in the body of your email.

Subscriber List

There’s no better way to build your email list than with a Subscriber List. Have your readers sign up to receive weekly or monthly tips. A Subscriber list is a customer base for you to market your products and services to.

Comments Section

While many people will leave comments to offer their opinion on a subject matter, business owners can use the comments section of their blog to answer questions, engage with readers, offer additional input on the article and possibly convert the visitor into a customer.

Promote a product or service

A great way to sell your products or services is to write a blog post about it, and then offer the product or service at the end of the post. If you have an Ebook, workbook or you’re selling a service, be sure to include what you’re selling at the end of your blog post.

What strategy do you use to capture leads from your blog? Comment below.

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