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5 Ways to find your next client

New customers are an essential part of your business as well as existing customers. Many new business owners struggle with identifying who they’re customers are, where to find them and how to build relationships with their customers. For those of you who are starting out, most of your efforts are focused on finding your customers. Here’s 5 ways to help you with your search:


Send out 3 emails a week to your potential customer. For example, if you’re a Salon Owner who’s looking to get your product line into your local beauty supply store or large retail chain, research a list of stores you’d like to work with. Next, look up your point of contact either on LinkedIn or simply by picking up the phone and asking for the person’s information. Create templates if pressed for time, but be sure to personalize the email, so that it sounds personable and not automated. The first email should be an introduction email, second, meeting, third follow up to the email.

Join Twitter Chats

Join Twitter chats or create your own. What is a “Twitter Chat”? A Twitter Chat or a “Live Twitter Chat” is when a brand, entrepreneur or anyone for that matter, uses Twitter to talk about a specific topic of interests. The host will invite their following and sometimes will collaborate with another brand, to invite their following to the conversation. What makes the “Twitter Chat” unique is that there is a pre-set time for when the conversation will start and end. You can essentially create your own hash tag and who knows, you may start trending on Twitter if you get enough tweets! Free marketing and publicity for your brand! Can’t beat that! Twitter is great for meeting people as well as sharing your knowledge.

Join Facebook Groups

Join Facebook groups filled with your potential clients, 2-3 max. Less is more and gives you a chance to build authentic relationships. Dedicate one day to browsing various groups to get to know how they work, the conversations of the participants and how you can add your level of expertise.

Tip: don’t just answer questions in the Facebook group, take it one step further and privately message the participant with additional information you may have left out of the conversation.


Collaborate with brands and create your own Facebook group. Make sure to promote your group to each of your audience. Collectively work on creating posts, videos and helpful tips to share with the group. Create a weekly or monthly theme filled with helpful content. It’s a fun way to grow your audience and search for your next client.


Good old fashion networking never fails! Now if you don’t have a network of people to reach out to, get out and start networking! Build and cultivate new relationships. You’d be surprised how much business you can get as opposed to waiting for your next lead and or client to come from social media. You should always have more than one source of leads coming in, networking is definitely one of them! Attend one networking event per month. Be intentional and strategic about your networking efforts. Make a list of list of the places, events, or companies where your client may be, for example, trade shows, women’s luncheons or a business association meeting. The key is to attend events where your customers may be in attendance. If you do have a business network, or family and friends, reach out to them and ask for referrals.

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