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5 Tasks you should consider outsourcing in your business

Are you looking for ways to "work smarter" in your business as opposed to "working hard"? Being an entrepreneur is extremely hard work. Imagine having no staff, being up to your ears in paperwork, and missing important deadlines. Yikes!

If you're short staffed and everyone is pretty much doing the best they can, juggling many hats in your business, you may want to think about how to relieve "key players" from their tasks. This will allow them to focus on the tasks that matter the most. It might be time to rethink your overall business goals and find the right solution to help you achieve them: Outsourcing

Developing an outsourcing strategy for your business allows you to focus on what matters the most in your business. Here’s 5 tasks you should consider outsourcing to help you achieve your business goals, while giving you that much needed to time, to work on other aspects of your business:


Collecting data can be time consuming and somewhat difficult, particularly in the area of market research. You can find yourself overlooking pertinent information, or worse, finding information that doesn’t pertain to your overall objective. Outsourcing this function to experts, benefits your company in various ways, from having someone take over the daunting task of spending time gathering information, creating reports, to compiling complicated data information. Most firms have updated technology that can provide real time information such as analytics, social media marketing statistics, including market trends.


A good Chief Financial Officer with the right amount of financial expertise can provide your company with financial strategies to increase profits and build net worth. When looking for a new round of financing, hire a CFO to focus on strategizing and the negotiating aspect of it as well. What a CFO brings to the table, is someone who has a deeper understanding of how to advise you financially to ensure the success of your business continues.


Blogging is an extremely time consuming task, but the rewards are great if done right. In fact, B2B marketers that use blogs receive 67% more leads than those who do not. Having a consistent flow of leads coming in helps to reduce the amount of time entrepreneurs spend chasing customers, as well as marketing dollars to attract them. Engagement is key to building relationships with your customers. This requires having ongoing conversations, which can be time consuming. Your time is valuable and can be better spent in other areas of your business. Grow your online following, establish your online presence and increase leads by outsourcing your blogging.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to get your content in front of your audience, particularly the decision makers. Finding time to nurture the right subscribers requires strategic planning and timing, along with content creation. Did I mention creating sales funnels, to attract and convert your audience? Sounds like a lot of work right?

Time Sensitive Projects

There are many benefits to outsourcing for your time sensitive projects. The good news is that there is no shortage of people who are experts in their fields and can add tremendous value to your business. For example, a Social Media Strategist, may be brought in to help with the launch of a new product, a Consultant who specializes in Mortgage Banking, may be brought in to assist with implementing a new compliance program for a bank.

As a small business owner, or even a large organization, outsourcing can add value in helping your business achieve its organizational goals. Small businesses often use the services of consulting firms, specialty agencies or virtual assistants, as an alternative to full-time employees, to carry out various tasks and or projects. Write a list of tasks you wish to delegate to someone and find a solution that best fits your needs, whether that's a virtual assistant, business consultant or a CFO.

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