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Video: Graphic Design on a "Dime"- Canva Quick Tutorial

Looking to create professional designs without breaking the bank? I have the perfect solution to help you do just that! Introducing, Canva. Founded by Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht in 2012 . What inspired the pair to create Canva? “I was giving other students lessons in these programs outside of class and found myself writing long instructional manuals to do the simplest things. It seemed insane to me that it took 22 clicks to export a high quality document”.

Canva has literally been a”game changer” for my business. I started my business on a “shoe string” budget so hiring a graphic designer was out of the question. I came across Canva while searching on Google for affordable logo design options. What I found was even better! I was able to create a logo, business cards, brochures, social media templates and more using Canva!

Here’s a quick guide on what the program looks like, and how to use it.

Also down load your free Canva Easy Guide, to help you get started with creating your own designs!

Tips for using Canva in your business:

Personal and Private Chefs

Create and design ready made menus, using Canvas wide range of templates to give your business a professional, look. Play around with the font, add your logo, and print!

Business Cards

I've got to admit, some of the business card designs available on the affordable options sites, aren't that impressive to say the least. Create your business card template for free, download the file either in a PDF, JPEG or PNG and have your printer service of choice, print the business cards.


Sometimes you have to start with what you have, to get what you want later. Canva provides cool, sophisticated designs that fit just about anyone's business personality. It's free and customizable!


What people fail to realize, is that many Real Estate Agents have to cover a lot of things out of pocket, even when working for a large corporation. Marketing and printing materials is one of them. Unfortunately, the templates that are available aren't that great. Canva, has the perfect solution for your design needs.

Event Planner/Wedding Planner

Is your bride on a budget? Introduce her to Canva! She'll love you for it! She can customize her invitation design without breaking the bank and pay for the paper and printer, which may save her money.


Tired of the boring Microsoft Word templates? Canva has a large selection of Resume Templates to choose from.

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