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5 Ways to get out of the "entrepreneur slump"

What is the "entrepreneur slump"? Every now and then an entrepreneur may find themselves feeling frustrated, unmotivated, burned out, overwhelmed, or uninspired. If you stay in that "slump" for too long, you might want to quit, despite how far you've come. Here's 5 ways to get out of the "entrepreneur slump":


Bruh, it happens to the best of us. You get frustrated because a client is being difficult. The Ebook you spent months creating hasn't sold at all and you can't seem to figure out why? Sales aren't coming in as you thought they would in your online business, what gives? First, walk away and take a break. Yes, I said it! There's no point in sitting there trying to "push through", when you're mind isn't clear enough to formulate a game plan. Take a break. I don't care if it's for 1 day or 3 days. You need the time to reflect more importantly regroup. It will help recharge your energy and get your "creative juices", going.


Step back and figure out what's causing you to be "confused in the first place. You may be over thinking an idea. Sometimes the "confusion" comes from not trusting yourself. I say this all of the time but trust in your skills and abilities enough to know that you're more than capable of succeeding. You do not have to try every method out there nor emulate and or adopt "successful" entrepreneur's business practices. What works for them may not work for you. Second, find a trusted accountability partner or mentor to bounce ideas off of or talk to whenever you're feeling confused. Trust me, it will help you out GREATLY to have someone help you navigate through your challenges.

Self care isn't a priority

I honestly didn't realize how important self care was as an entrepreneur, until I became one. I'd work 7 days a week while juggling a full time job and school. Some days I'd forget to eat because I just wanted to "get things done". What I didn't understand was that the most important aspect of my business wasn't the business plan, strategies and tactics, it was taking care of me. It's perfectly fine and NECESSARY to take breaks, enjoy life and spend time with your family. Please don't let these fake Instagram School of Business graduates make you believe that you have to work constantly to achieve your goals while pushing your body passed unhealthy limits. That's absurd and probably the worse advice one can give. Include a self care regime into your work week.


What's giving you "the blues" these days? You may need to "dig deep", to find out why you're unmotivated as an entrepreneur. This is why it's important to 1. "Know your 'why". Your "why" will keep you going, i.e. keep you motivated. Second, you may need to check your surroundings. Is it the people you're hanging with that are uninspiring? Find an entrepreneur support group, accountability partner, or a mentor. The people around you who are on the same mission as you can and will help you stay motivated. Read inspirational books. Keep daily aspirations or bible scriptures handy especially when you're feeling unmotivated. Find a way to get your "mojo back " and keep it!


When I first started my business almost 2 years ago I was overwhelmed a number of times. There was so much information out there, so many things I didn't know, nor understood in my business that it overwhelmed me. I thought I was " in over my head." But the truth of the matter is, not knowing everything isn't a bad thing. Eventually things will fall into place. Just take it one day at a time. Are you overwhelmed with the number of tasks required to run and manage your business? Prioritize. This is where your trusted planner or or some type of calendaring system comes into play. Planning out your week should include both your personal business and your actual business. That way you can focus on what matters the most on specific days while giving yourself deadlines to complete them.

If you ever find yourself in the "entrepreneur slump", refer to my tips or better yet, find a regime or system that works best for you that will keep you motivated and inspired on this crazy entrepreneur journey!

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