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3 Ways to reboot your 2018 marketing strategy

The new year is the perfect opportunity to set new business goals, especially when it comes to marketing your business. I’m all about maximizing what you have in order to capitalize on it, especially as a business owner. Sometimes it’s hard to pump out creative marketing campaigns. And for those of you who are on a budget, you want to “get it right” the first time around because time is money! One way to maximize your marketing efforts is by repurposing your content. It really boils down to what your overall goals are, perhaps you want to re-launch your downloadable ebook, sell those last few pieces of an end of season collection, or gain new followers. Once you’ve determined what exactly your goal is, you can go back to look at what campaigns you’ve already created. Perhaps they need a little “tweaking”. Here are three ways you can reboot your marketing for 2018, without having to start completely from scratch.

Repurpose your holiday marketing

Repurpose your holiday marketing! With everyone off of holiday “mode”, now is a great time to send out your consulting service specials to customers who may have missed out on previous deals. Perhaps they didn’t catch your emails because they were out of town. Send an email blast to your mailing list of customers for your online boutique. Most people start the new year off with new goals, including a “new attitude”. As an online boutique, Mix and match collection pieces to inspire the “new you” for your customers.

New Promotional offers

Incorporate seasons changing, from winter to spring into your promotional offers. Event planners, high light your decorating skills by creating seasonal décor, include color schemes, food, cultural traditions. With more holidays approaching us in 2018, you can update your marketing strategy to reflect each holiday. Real Estate agents and Brokers, here’s a great opportunity to connect with new and existing customers. Create content from “spring cleaning” tips to informational content pertaining to market changes for buyers. Fitness coaches, create a new promotional offer for the new year, throw in a free “meal plan” to gain new customers. Beauty brands, do you sell bath salts? Handmade soaps? Candles? Encourage customers to practice self-care by relaxing using your products.

Hit the Streets

I can’t express this enough, but “tap into” your local community to market your business. Make a point to meet at least one new business owner in your community a week. Attend a local event, or even a co working space where other entrepreneurs frequent. Your customers, are right outside of your doorstep along with new business partners which is great for those of you who are interested in collaborating with other brands.

There’s no better time to set new goals for 2018 than now! It’s the perfect opportunity to brand your business, sell more products, connect with new and existing customers. Look over your previous content, you may be able to repurpose it to use for your marketing initiatives.

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