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10 black Career Coaches who are trailblazing the professional employment landscape

As graduation season approaches us, I’m overly joyed to see so many people accomplish their educational goals! Ahhh yes…college life! The late nights studying, having to turn in last minute papers because the printer ran out of ink, 10 minutes before class was to begin. That one professor who assigned so much homework that it made your head spin! The parties, the unforgettable memories, bonds and friendships made over time. There’s nothing like the college experience.

The journey hasn’t quite ended just yet, in fact, it’s just begun. Now it’s time to apply what you’ve learned into the career of your dreams. Here’s why you may want to consider working with a career coach to help you achieve your goals.

What is a career coach? A career coach is someone who provides professional career counseling, development and guidance. Career coaching services typically varies from helping you land the job of your dreams to overcoming any current career obstacles. Career Coaches are great at assessing your current skills and finding ways for you to improve upon them.

Job hunting can be stressful at times, from spending countless hours searching for jobs, building employment profiles, and even interviewing. Career Coaches help you narrow down your expertise, and skill set, so that it’s industry specific for the job you’re applying for. They offer tools you can use for resumes, cover letters and employment sites that will help you meet your goals. Here are 10 Career Coaches that can help you get started on your job search:

Lady El-Evated is more than a blog, it’s a dope lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering women leaders from all walks of life to organically become creators of change in their lives, including the lives of those around them. Lady El-Evated is more of a community for women that both encourages and empowers one another to excel in their careers as well as in their personal lives.

Tasha, Founder of Life’s better without pants is the “go-to” guru for career minded women who find themselves “stuck” in their current fields. She helps women unlock their skills, helping them navigate through mental, sometimes emotional challenges women often face in their careers.

Araba Sey, is a writer, author, former Miss Knust Ghana, turned career coach. Her unique approach entails helping clients find the right career path by exploring their interests and identifying their passion. This allows clients to hone in on their passions and skill set to develop their overall career goals.

Success Looks Like You mission is to transform the career and business outcomes of young black people from all backgrounds, through sharing quality careers and business knowledge, training and mentoring programs. Success Looks like You is a unique service that provides free career and business mentoring for 10 months, to young adults age 15-30. SLLY also offers an alternative, 6 week skills academy that teaches students to identify key skill sets that are in alignment with their career goals, and how to apply them in effectively in a corporate setting.

Erica L. Harris is a Coach, Consultant, and Human Capital Executive who is the founder of PurposeFull Seed. She’s both a career and leadership development coach, who helps her clients connect their personal purpose, strength, talents, skills and experience into meaningful careers.

Demetria Hill Sloan is a no nonsense, results-oriented coach and mentor. Founder of Vantage Point Coaching, she has over 20 years’ experience in sales, leadership, facilitation and training experience. With the guidance of Hill Sloan, her clients are able to maximize their experience and skill, to take their careers to the next level.

East Coast Executives prepares clients to both compete and excel in corporate America. One of the great things about East Coast Executives is their commitment to the community. They’ve partnered with The Urban League of Philadelphia, including colleges and universities across the nation to develop a program that prepares students for success in their careers.

Dr. Kym A. Harris ED.D, founder of Your Sweet Spot has a career span of 27 years in Human Resources and Talent Development, working in leadership and executive roles. Dr. Harris focuses on personal growth, leadership effectiveness and career success.

The Posh Principles is the place you turn to when you believe that you can reach a higher level of success, but need assistance in doing so, or when you’re simply ready to move into another direction in your career. With a clear, and concise goal, along with actionable steps, clients have a blueprint to create the career of their dreams!

Inspired by Glory, is an online platform for career minded individuals to have access to resources and tools that will help them elevate their careers. From learning how to network effectively, to career training. Glory Edozien, Inspired by Glory’s CEO, is determined to inspire women to create their own blue prints of success.

Look at it this way, a Career Coach is a much needed partner for helping you reach a higher level of success in your career. As they say, “two heads are better than one”. It’s with their guidance and insight on career development that will help elevate you. Do you plan on using a career coach? Do you have a testimony you’d like to share about career coaches? Share your story!

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