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How to be one of the “top trending acts” of Afropunk's music fest as a small business owner!


"Wait, does this involve singing? "

Nope, not at all! In fact, it doesn't even require for you to be in attendance of the Afropunk music festival. In case you're wondering, what exactly is Afropunk? It is one of the dopest, culturally conscious, music festivals of the year. Drawing crowds of upwards to 100,000 with 14 million online viewers and subscribers. Every year the festival is held at Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn New York.

Often times, when large festivals or conferences come to town, small business owners don't think much about how to capitalize on the events and the crowds it attracts. Either they forget that the events are in town or simply don't know how to capture the attendees business. I'm going to give you several tips on how you can prepare your business, for Afropunk’s music festival, and for future events.

Step your Digital Marketing Strategy game up!

What is “Digital Marketing?”

Digital Marketing is the marketing of products or services, using technology, the internet, mobile phones, or any other digital medium.

What are the benefits of incorporating a digital marketing strategy into your business plan?

  • Drive in store traffic

  • Generate leads

  • Promote products and services

  • Drive web traffic

  • Build your subscriber list

How do I use “digital marketing” to promote my business? Well since this post is about using large events, conferences and festivals to promote your business, I’ll tell you how to do so using technology as your medium. Meet the internet folks!


Twitter is one of the most, live, interactive social platforms to date. With

335 million monthly active users. What exactly does that mean? It means you can find any conversation trending, about any given subject, on any given day. Twitter can be used as a channel for brands to connect with their customers through engagement. Building online relationships with customers, creates lifelong consumers.

Hash Tags

Hash tags are useful tools that allow social users to find topics, discussions, products, services and brands. Happy customers are engaging customers. Meaning, if customers love food, decor, a recent purchase of a shirt, they'll share their experiences with their following. This useful information, can be used as a marketing strategy to not only encourage customers to talk about your brand, but it puts your business in front of an audience you may or have access to.

How to use Hash Tags for Afropunk?

Create your own hash tag for your social media accounts and encourage your followers to use it. For example, if you’re a hair stylist creating inspired Afropunk looks, hash tag #afropunk and your salon name #kellystylez . When users search the Afropunk hash tag, your business and work will appear in the search results. Use the Afropunk hashtag to help customers find your business, patronize your establishment, and keep up to date with what's happening in your business.


Do you own a restaurant? Encourage customers to tweet about your Caribbean jerk chicken dish. Contests are always fun and peaks the interest of potential customers. Run a contest and announce the winner on Twitter.


Use both the Instagram Live feature, or create posts, to record and promote your business. Ask followers to tag your business in photos or videos. The more people who are talking about your brand, the larger your reach. This tactic places your business in front of your follower’s audience. That's free marketing without you spending a dime!


Snap your event, restaurant, or storefront. Offer a promotional discount or coupon, which can only be redeemed via Snapchat. Having an event? Create a "password" to access a discounted ticket for Snapchat users.

Afropunk inspiration

Incorporate the music festival by creating events, dishes, or Afropunk inspired signature drinks. You can create a play list of the artists who are headlining the event and play it in your restaurant or hair salon. The idea is to get inspired by the music festival and somehow, incorporate it into your marketing strategy.

Hair stylist

Hair is the "mane event” at Afropunk. From perfectly sculpted afros, to intricate braid designs, unique hair accessories and fresh "fades". Run an Afropunk promotion at your salon. Patrons are always looking for creative innovative hair styles. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your work while possibly gaining new clients.

Image: Mane Guru

Makeup artists

Can you use a few more clients this weekend? Promote your services for "festival inspired looks". Create a mini look book, of makeup creations. Upload them onto your website and social media accounts. If you’re a new business owner, this may be a great opportunity to showcase your skills!



Festival goers are also, hungry folks! Host a popup event (check peerspace for venues to rent) for festival attendees. Make it fun, and have customers come in their best outfits! Tag, repost and share photos, including videos of the event.

Message therapists

After a long day of partying, a nice message is the perfect way to end the day. Partner with a mobile nail tech to provide manicures and pedicure services.


Can't figure out what to wear for Afropunk? The solution: your brand. Promote

Last minute looks for festival goers. Create a mini look book collection, inspired by Afropunk. Drive traffic to your website or your storefront.

Host a side walk sale

Want to generate foot traffic? Host a side walk sale. Organize clothing and accessories based on the theme, Afropunk. Create signs both inside and outside of the store, advertising the sidewalk sale.

Block party

A block party, is a fun, yet strategic marketing tactic, to drive foot traffic to your neighborhood, collaborate with other businesses and the local community. Partner with local businesses, create a marketing strategy to bring event traffic to your neighborhood. Everybody wins when you collaborate with fellow business owners! Heck, invite the mayor, local radio station, and anyone else with a large following.

Air B & B

Are hosting guests the weekend if the 25th? They’ll want to know the “happenings” around town. Download my list of go-to restaurants and bars for Air B & B guests.

Start researching upcoming local events, festivals and concerts, to help drive business, increase sales, and promote your brand. Create a strategy for marketing and promoting your business. Don't forget to update your website and social media accounts, about the events, as this let's online customers and potential leads, know about your upcoming activities. How are you preparing your business for Afropunk?

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