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Crowdfunding while black: Inventrify’s new crowd sourcing platform breathes life into entrepreneurs

Photo credit: Founder of Inventrify, Brandon Brooks, Linkedin

There’s a new “kid on the block” in the crowdfunding platform space: Inventrify.

What is “crowdfunding”?

Crowdfunding is a financing method for raising funds. The funds are generally sourced from everyday people, including investors. The entrepreneur sets a goal to raise a certain amount of money, utilizing crowdfunding platforms to help promote their projects.

The benefits of crowdfunding?

Entrepreneurs can receive access to funds much quicker than applying for bank loans or other debt related instruments.

It’s a great way to validate your business idea, to test to see if there is a market for what you have to offer more importantly, customers willing to purchase the items and or service.

Crowdfunding can help you gain traction, including visibility for your project, as many investors and potential customers utilize the platforms to search for business ideas to invest in.

Inventrify has turned the term “crowdfunding” into a much more meaningful, intentional movement, one that is based on the foundation of community and networking.

Inventrify launched in 2016 by founder Brandon Brooks. Brooks’ vision, is to facilitate in enabling community members to invest in something greater than the Founder behind the brand. The goal, is to invest in the growth and prosperity of local communities.

The Platform encourages both entrepreneurs and investors, to utilize Inventrify to share resources and talent as a means to empower one another.

Crowdfunding has its many benefits, from using the platform as an alternative financing option, to utilizing the space to validate entrepreneurial business ideas. Inventrify is a great place to start with funding your next project.

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