The wedding planning guide to launching a successful business

Why become a Wedding Planner?

If you love the “idea of love”, two people joining together in matrimony, in hopes of building a beautiful marriage, then wedding planning is definitely your calling!

Are you passionate about creating unique events that bring people together? In the wedding planning business, no two clients are the same, nor events. This allows the unlimited possibilities of sparking your creativity, enhancing your skills and talents.

The wedding planning business is great for those with a “knack” for project management and logistics, allowing your skills to be easily transferrable into a role as a Wedding Planner.

Do you have a background in Hospitality?

Your background experience in hospitality can be your greatest assets?

  • Which skill set?

  • Your strong sense of emotional intelligence

  • Working in a people-oriented industry such as, hospitality helps you develop a strong sense of emotional intelligence which is an excellent trait for understanding your client’s needs

What other skills are transferrable in a Wedding Planner role?

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Sales

  • Organizational skills

  • Networking

  • Relationship building

  • Vendor management

  • Operations

Ready to start your Wedding Planning business? Here’s a guide that will help you with the business planning and development of your Wedding business:

Initial Consultation

There’s nothing like preparation along with organization to set the tone for a successful meeting with clients. Create email templates of agendas, tailored to your client’s service requests. Agendas help set the expectation of the meeting, including ideas while ensuring that the bride and groom’s questions are answered. Outline in the agenda, dates, times, location, and anything else that will be discussed in the meeting.

Vision Board

Sometimes it’s hard for people to visualize an idea. To help your bride and groom conceptualize their ideas, create a Vision Board that includes, textures, color schemes, placement of furniture, and décor.

Create Wedding Packages

Create Wedding Packages, including services. From Full-service to “day of” coordinator offers. Some brides are more hands-on than others and may only need certain services, such as day of coordination.

Day of Service:

As a Day of Coordinator, you are responsible for the day, while ensuring your bride has a seamless, stress free day. Day of Services can be the most challenging service to provide, because you’re taking over the day of, having not been included in the initial planning process. To help you prepare for Day of Coordinator services, create a checklist of every task that needs to be completed for the wedding, as if you’re planning the event from the beginning. This checklist will ensure that you cover every detail possible. A checklist also gives you the opportunity to address any outstanding items, confirm venues, dates, catering and any other “loose ends”. It might be helpful to get a head start on the list, at least a week prior to the event.

End of Festivities

Once the event is over, ensure that all vendors have been paid, including items returned to their rightful owners, such as equipment. Do a walk-thru of the venue making sure that