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OniriQ sets out to bring high speed internet and power to 600 million in Africa

If you said that OniriQ was on a mission to change the world 3 years ago, you’d be absolutely correct. Founded by Mohammed Sarr and Rodolphe Rosier in 2016, OniriQ creates eco-responsible solar kits that provides users with access to autonomous energy, internet and TV. OniriQ set out to bridge the gap of inaccessibility to both the internet as well as power. Some 600 million people live in the dark on the continent of Africa. Countries such as Kenya, The Seychelles, Morocco and Tunisia have the highest penetration rates of internet accessibility on the continent, averaging 67.7% to 80.0%. There are still 12 countries with a penetration rate of 1.4% to 11.7% compared to the rest of the world with a penetration rate of 58.4%.

For many, lack of access to the internet stems from a number of reason from affordability, government interference and weak infrastructures. The telecommunications market in Africa is still in its early development stages. Countries are turning to broadband wireless accessible technologies, however the costs associated with affordable internet is still a looming issue. In some countries, on average a gigabyte can cost $35.00.

In an effort to boost access to sustainable electricity as well as the internet, Sarr and his team created solar power technology that allows users access to both. Sarr’s goal is to eventually produce more devices “We have discussed with some electricity companies and telcos to have 300 solar boxes produced and delivered,” affirms Mohammed Sarr.

In an attempt to raise funding for the company’s ambitious goal, Mohammed and his team recently competed in West Africa’s largest pitch competition Tech Point Africa. Tech Point Africa is a startup and SME event in West Africa, having made history by convening over 5000 startup founders, business owners, seasoned entrepreneurs, corporations and tech enthusiasts. As part of participating in the pitch competition, Sarr and other finalists, will begin their accelerator program to help grow and scale their business.

I love sharing stories about black Founders in various areas of the world. I believe that representation in all industries increases visibility and raises awareness about brands who are “under the radar”. To learn more about Mohammed and his team follow him on Twitter

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