How to create your own lane as an “Infopreneur” earning six figures

How valuable is information and knowledge these days? Priceless.

Information is vital to one’s personal growth and business development. Access to information leads to empowering, life changing decisions that can impact people’s lives for the betterment of their future.

Think back on the number of times you were grateful for the sound piece of advice from a mentor. Or the motivational book you read while on your personal spiritual journey. The information may have helped you adopt an incredible profound, spiritual awareness that changed your trajectory. When knowledge is used effectively it can truly empower those in need.

I am a firm believer that the greatest asset you can ever possess, is the ability to hone in on your skills and talents. We must understand what that skill set is, once we do, we can find ways to monetize them.

Did you know, that you can turn your “knack” for knowledge into a side hustle, or a full time business as an “Infopreneur”?

What exactly does an “Infopreneur” do?

An “Infopreneur”, creates target specific information, products and or services, relevant to their expertise.

Serial entrepreneur Tara Reid, decided that she wanted to build an app for her startup Kellecto, an art recommendation app. Having no prior experience is coding, She taught herself how to code. With the knowledge she learned, Tara began teaching entrepreneurs to code thus, the birth of her new company Apps without Code.

The benefits of being an infopreneur

You already have the knowledge, so you don’t have to research extensively nor spend a great deal of time and money acquiring what you already know.

The costs associated with building an infopreneur business is significantly less expensive than starting a company.

The information that you have is valuable and should be shared with people.

You can charge however much you want, it’s your knowledge! You don’t need to worry about pricing competitively to “keep up with the market”.

There are several ways in which you can package and sell your expertise, you don’t have to commit to one.

I’m going to give you 10 ways to package your expertise and turn those ideas into a legitimate business or side hustle.

Identify your expertise

I think it’s important to understand the value of your knowledge and how best to use it. Create a list of topics you feel confident in sharing. Focus on information that someone would find useful. One way to test out your business idea is to create a survey and send it out to a list of prospects who may be interested in learning more about what you have to offer.

Use Facebook groups or online Forums

Search Facebook Groups or online forums where your target audience may be and start a conversation pertaining to a topic. The best way to introduce your brand is by answering questions that the group may have. Compile a list of questions and see if you can create an informational resource using the feedback from the group. Use online forums to encourage users take your survey or to promote your products and services once you narrow down your business idea.

Questions to think about when identifying your expertise

What am I best known for?

What do people say I’m good at?

What information do I feel strongly and or passionate about teaching?

Start by making a list of 5 things and or experiences that you’ve learned and feel comfortable with teaching.

Identify your target market

Now it’s time to narrow down your target market, including your audience. Who would benefit from your knowledge? What are their ages? Is your audience Male? Female? Organizations?