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5 side hustles you can start with your English major

I’ve said, it before and I’ll say it again, your greatest strength is the ability to hone in on your skill set. Once you’re able to do so, you can find ways to monetize your skills and talent. Case in point: Your English degree.

You’ve recently graduated from college and wondering “who will hire me with my English major now that I’ve graduated from college”? There has been this ongoing narrative that ‘English majors are useless” however let me give you 5 reasons why that notion is not only a lie, but the number of ways you can utilize your degree to fast track your career.

Choosing the right path

“Experts” may advise you to find a path and or an area of focus such as studying literature, publishing trends, or business and technical writing. In some ways, this advice is correct. You can start with publishing trends, and later pivot to technical writing. Eventually, your “aha” moment will come, once you’ve aligned your passion, or even expertise into an area you’re strong in.

Technical Writer

Technical writers prepare instruction manuals, articles and other complex forms of communication related to technical information. Technical writers are in huge demand right now and will be for a variety of reasons. 1. With the growing trend of new technology, companies will need to document instructional guides for end users. 2. Technical writers assist in studying product design which enables developers and designers to document their findings and collect data for R&D.

Content Writer

Content writers creates and develops standardized content for internal and external platforms, print, product descriptions, digital media, including social media. Content writers use photographs, drawings, diagrams, animation and charts to communicate brand messaging. An Ecommerce startup could use the skill set of a Content Writer who can create eye-catching headlines for their email marketing campaigns to consumers. If you love researching and analyzing data, market your services to research driven companies such as health care companies.


Copy writing involves writing advertising promotional materials. That includes websites, emails, billboards and brochures. You’re literally selling the company’s products and or services through text to consumers. Today, digital marketing is what drives brands leads, sales, and revenue. Most copywriters have a strong understanding of SEO, web and digital ads.

If you’re just getting started in the industry I’d recommend the following, build up a portfolio of writing social media copy across various channels. This will give you the opportunity to learn the channels but also, a great exercise for writing content. Write a few blogs, based on your industry of choice. Create newsletters for your ideal client. As you build your portfolio, you can use it as a marketing tool for your services, even if you don’t already have clients.

Presentation Design

Presentations are literally visual conversations for your audience. Some of today’s largest company’s wouldn’t even exist if it hadn’t of been for a PowerPoint presentation. Presentations tell compelling stories about the products, services and founders. Presentations are used in the following ways

Founders use presentations to raise capital by pitching to investors

Motivational speakers often utilize slides or presentations to convey their uplifting messages

Can be used as tools for educational instructors to teach a variety of subjects to their students

Presentation Design can earn you a pretty decent salary as a freelancer, some projects start at $35.00 an hour and up, depending on the complexity of the project.

Write an E books

It seems now a days, everyone is creating E Books from authors, to entrepreneurs. Creating “how to” books has become a popular trend. I know, because I’ve personally created 30 different e-book myself, providing business related step by step guides for entrepreneurs. It’s an incredible amount of work, time, and patience to write, edit, the e-book, let alone publish, market and sell the finished product. It’s definitely a lucrative side hustle, as I’ve seen freelancers charge $300.00 per e-book depending on the number of pages, to upwards of $1,500.00.

There are a variety of ways you can use your English Major to start a lucrative career. Find the right path that fits your personality, skill set and level of expertise. It’s okay to pivot, once you find your niche. The possibilities are endless from writing e-books, to copy writing.

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