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Arawak Farms is the spice brand you never knew you needed

Because we love all things Oakland, let me introduce you to a company you should know: Arawak Farm. Oakland based food-company Arawak Farm “spices up” your dishes with uniquely blended seasonings. If you’re looking to add a little “spice to your life”, shop Arawak Farm for uniquely blended seasonings.

The Oakland based food company curates unique pepper sauces, spicy fruit spreads, and dry rub/spice blends. All of their spices are vegan, gluten free and low sodium.

Arawak Farm was founded by Lloyd Vassell. The Vassell Foods Arawak Farm brand was inspired by the founder’s Indian Heritage. The island of Arawak was once occupied by Arawak Indians. Unfortunately, genocide committed at the hands of the Spanish along with “old world diseases” destroyed a large population of the Arawak people. Arawak descendants are known to live in regions such as South America, Jamaica, Guyana, Venezuela and other parts of the world.

It was important to Vassell to not only create a line of products that represented his culture, but to curate a line of healthy products. Arawak Farms curated spice blends enables home cooks to explore new spices without the unnecessary additives, such high levels of sodium which are found in most spice blends.

Truth be told, the average American eats five or more teaspoons of salt each day. Which means, that most people are consuming about 20 times more sodium salt than what their bodies actually need. While sodium is found naturally in our foods, consuming an excess can lead to high blood pressure, inflammation heart failure and other ailments.

A must have pantry item is Arawak Farm Spice Blend #`. Food enthusiasts and health conscience home cooks can add “bold” flavors to pork roast, using Arawak Farm spice blend # 1! The mix includes Paprika, Sugar, Garlic, Salt, All Spice and few other ingredients.

Another great low sodium, but flavorful blend is the Jerk dry spice blend. Get the flavor of the West Indies, with less sodium, along with that nice “kick” most jerk spiced blends have.

What’s even more great about Arawak Farm is their unique recipes which helps customers create dishes using Arawak spices.

Support our local businesses and visit Arawak Farm!

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