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Unexpected ways to get around mental blockages

Mental blockages comes in many forms, loss of creativity, feeling “stuck” or unsure, even doubt can prevent you from moving forward on making a decision. There are several factors that can lead to mental blockages; your environment, old habits, unforeseen circumstances.

Most entrepreneurs step out on their journeys excited, full of promise and hope. As time goes on that excitement wears down. You tend to second guess yourself, or become overwhelmed with the demands of being entrepreneur. There are times when you lose motivation and sometimes inspiration.

These are normal feelings that everyone experiences. Instead of simply “going through the emotions”, as if they don’t exist, acknowledge the moment when you feel yourself in that space. Consider the following ways to help you overcome those mental blockages:


Identify what triggers your mental blockages. Is it family? Friends? Do you become overwhelmed when you have to make decisions? Why? Understanding what triggers your emotions will help you better navigate through your entrepreneur journey.


While it may sound “corny” to write in a journal, journaling has proven to be an effective tool for releasing stress. Writing is also therapeutic in a sense that it allows you to write your thoughts down on paper. You can choose to use the opportunity to reflect on how you felt that day by reading your journal or simply write down how you’re feeling as a way to “talk” about your challenges, without the judgmental opinions of others.

Hit the record button

I think when we sit back and hear ourselves, it allows us to listen to what we’re saying more importantly, what we’re thinking. Record your thoughts via a voice recording device. Listen to the recording when you’ve had a chance to calm down and release your stress.

Play back the recording and use it as a reference point for how your day was going, where you at mentally, spiritually and emotionally. What triggered your emotion? What would you change today that you didn’t think about the day you recorded your message and how will you proceed forward?

These important questions will help identify any triggers that may cause mental blockages.

Take a Break

Sometimes we’re so focused on getting something done, we don’t realize that “pushing through” is actually “pushing” us towards the brink of a meltdown. Taking a break allows you to take your mind off of what’s causing you stress. It gives you much needed time to get clarity so that you can focus on your tasks and continue to be productive. Instead of waiting until you’ve researched the point of frustration, take breaks frequently.

Take Small Steps

As an entrepreneur you may feel a sense of urgency to get things done at once however, taking on too much can lead to burn out. Breakdown your tasks into small tasks giving yourself a deadline of when to complete each item on your to-do list.

If you’re in the early stages of building your business, grab a calendar and set daily or weekly goals. For example, week one, write out your business plan. Week two research your target market. Week three register your business. Week four email potential clients. Small steps lead to larger steps, thus, achieving your goals in a much more productive, organized manner.

Change your environment

While this may sound easier said than done, a change of environment may bring you more clarity and even inspiration. Find places to work that inspire you such as the local coffee shop, or co working space. Rent an office space from peerspace for an affordable price for the day. Make a detour to your favorite local park and work out doors.

Make a lifestyle change

Studies have shown that certain lifestyle habits lead to stress, including the foods we eat which alter our moods. Maybe it’s time to clean out your fridge and start eating healthier, while incorporating physical activities into your daily routine. When you feel good, you’re more productive.

There are several ways to overcome mental blockages, but one of the most important steps is acknowledging your feelings once you arrive at that point. Identify what triggers your mental blockages to help you overcome challenges. It is perfectly normal to be vulnerable. Vulnerability allows you permission to “feel”, acknowledge, and assess your situation.

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