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5 Important benefits of using Virtual Event Bags for your next event

When was the last time you went to a conference and were given a “goodie bag”?

Did the bag really contain items you were interested in? Probably not. Maybe about 25% of what’s stuffed inside the bag is useful, the other we trash.

Event marketing is truly about creating unique experiences for conference attendees, or concert goers. Each year, companies are looking for creative ways to lure attendees to their event space by curating cool themes, incorporating music, artists and even other forms of entertainment, all in an effort to promote the brand, its products and services. The objective is to leave a lasting impression on the minds of attendees, i.e. your brand and its products.

Most companies send their participants off with a bag full of items that are likely to be thrown away before exiting the building of the event. With Virtual Event Bags, they’re sent electronically to mobile devices.

The benefit for using virtual gift bags is the invaluable collected data. Virtual Event Bags enables brands to create, track and manage digital content for their partners.

Here’s how Virtual Event bags work:

Virtual Event Bags are customized branded platforms, with a dedicated landing page for sponsors, corporate partners, and conference attendees. Participants can access the landing page during and after the event. The platform includes tailored brand messaging, offers, promotions, redeemable coupons, and announcements. Your platform can track engagement, user data such as the most downloaded items, clicks, and shares.

Tips for optimizing your Virtual Events Bags:

Send invitations

If your company is hosting an event the week of a conference at an offsite location, using Virtual Event Bags is another way to promote your event. Use Virtual Event Bags to drive conference attendees to your event. Who really has time to pass out flyers or the resources to hire a “street team” of folks passing out flyers? Have conference attendees download exclusive VIP passes or purchase tickets to events for a discounted price.


Marketers are always looking for clever ways to promote their company’s products. With Virtual Event Bags, event attendees can access your products or services, without having to leave the event. Think about it; you’re placing your brand in front of an audience you may not have access to, simply through their mobile devices. Users can instantly access anything at the click of their fingertips. Adding promotional offers to your Virtual Event Bags enables you to attract new customers.

Redeemable Coupons

Redeemable Coupons are excellent for tracking measurable results. Most coupons have scanned codes, which provides sponsors with important data, such as items purchased, and customer information. Redeemable coupons allow brands to provide products and services to event attendees in exchange for information.


Sponsors can track ROI on the platform through populated reports which shows the performance of the gift bags. With tangible items, sponsors are unable to track whether the attendees used the products provided in the gift bag, or read the material given. Virtual Gift Bags makes more sense financially, because sponsors are able to track their spending as well as engagement through their offers. Learning what resonates with users, enables brands to create targeted content.

What’s great about Virtual Gift Bags is, it reduces the amount of time and resources used to “stuff” goodie bags. Brands can use the platform to track engagement, user data such as the number of downloads for apps, clicks, and shares, including information related to consumer demographics. Learning what resonates with users, enables brands to create targeted content.

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