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How to stay on top of your social content as a “solo entrepreneur”

Social media marketing is important for early stage entrepreneurs as it assists with building brand awareness, increasing sales, and the opportunity to engage with consumers. The truth is, customers are expecting to find you online, outside of your website. It is naïve to think that customers will simply search for your website, rather than you directing them to your online store.

Fact: Social media is extremely time consuming!

Listen, trust me when I say, I know you have a lot on your plate. Social media marketing is a huge undertaking, especially if you’re a “solo entrepreneur”, or on a tight budget unable to hire a social media marketing agency. Sometimes tasks fall by the way side, including social media marketing however, there are more efficient ways to get things done in your business and I’m going to share 3 tips to help you stay on top of your social content:

Set realistic goals

I think the best way to approach your social media strategy is to set goals.

A few examples:

“We want to grow our online community to build a social media presence”

“We want to introduce our brand to potential users of our products”

“We have an upcoming event and would like to have at least 200 people attend”.

Whether you want to raise brand awareness, generate new leads, or nurture leads, it’s important that you clearly define your goals and desired results:

  • Generate new leads

  • Nurture leads

  • Establish authority and industry expertise

Each challenge will require a different approach but, are attainable goals.

Research Content

Research Industry Trends and Topics. Industry related news and content can help you understand what’s happening in your market, and provide you with content to share with followers. Industry related Trends and topics can also help you craft relevant content for your audience.

Define Your Success Metrics
Defining your success metrics really boils down to what is your bottom line? The number of subscribers for your YouTube channel? 500 retweets on Twitter regarding an important issue you’re raising awareness about? Once you decide what your goal is, you can then craft a strategy that enables you to execute your goals. Measure your results by tracking your data on campaign performance, including audience demographics.

Plan your content

I’m currently in the process of growing two companies and a pre-incubator program. I personally found myself in a position early on in my business, where I wasn’t able to produce as much content as I’d like. I was still early in the development stages of my business and trying to figure out how to manage my time wisely.

I decided to set a day and time to create content that way I wouldn’t have to worry about it daily. Typically, I set aside a day (preferably on the weekends) to outline what I’m going to blog about. I usually start out by writing a list of topics to blog, and a few articles to share.

I use a calendar to write out all of my topics which helps me plan my content a month in advance. As of today, I’ve managed to plan my content up to 90 days in advance. Meaning, I have 90 days of content already typed and ready to share. That way I can focus on other areas of my business.

Social calendar

I use a social calendar for scheduling content. I use a regular calendar to schedule which days I’ll post my blog, articles and reports. Again, this helps me to stay organized and on top of my content. Calendars also help with tracking content engagement. This is great for tracking and monitoring how well your posts are performing and how well the content resonates with your intended audience.

Respond & Engage

Building an online presence requires you to be active, while engaging with your followers. Try to schedule time in your day to respond to comments, questions and other feedback. I know it may seem like a lot, considering every other task you have to complete within your business, especially if you’re a one woman or man show. Try to designate at least an hour of your day on social media.

Social media can be quite time consuming however, it is necessary for growing your business. Don’t assume that customers will find your website online, social media is used as a tool to direct customers to your website. This of course requires an effective strategy to attract and maintain your target audience. A little planning and preparation, can help you minimize your “to-do” list allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

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