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Creative Chef GW dishes out vegan comfort food and recipes

Photo credit: The Veg Hub

Pictured: Chef G.W. Chew

Chef GW Chew, Food Inventor and Restauranteur brings “comfort” vegan cuisine to Oakland’s historical Dimond District. The Arkansas native opened The Veg Hub in 2017. The restaurant dishes plant-based lunches and dinners Monday through Thursday. This quaint, bustling eatery is located in Oakland’s Dimond district, a mixed residential and commercial part of Oakland California.

Chef G.W. Chew is totally a “mad Scientist” in the kitchen. Chew began his vegan journey in 2000, and started developing his own vegan food products in 2004. This eventually led Chef Chew to create his “Better than Meats” brand. Chew’s experimentation allowed him to recreate the texture and look of “real meat”.

The Better than Meats product line of alternative meat is made from soft yuba, or “tofu skin”, and GMO-free soy beans. The “meat” product is used for The Veg Hub’s most popular item, the “Philly Cheese Steak” sandwich.

The Veg Hub’s menu offers a variety of dishes from “Fried chicken” to “Porterhouse steak”, with sides such as candied yams, 3 cheese mac-n-cheese, and sesame kale salad.

I’m about 95.5% sure that if you tried any one of Chef Chew’s menu items, as a non-vegan, he’ll convert you into one! The Veg Hub has some of the most, tastiest vegan dishes in Oakland, especially the vegan “Philly Cheese Steak” on a soft Dutch crunch roll!

The restaurant also leads a social mission of hosting free cooking classes, teaching the local community about healthy eating. Chef Chew and his staff are passionate about their food initiative. The team hopes to continue to enrich the lives of the community by helping families adopt healthy eating habits through educational workshops. Visit the restaurant or sign up for the next cooking class!

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