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Plant-based drippin’ food Goddess, Chef Ashley Kirk, launches vegan product line

Photo credit: Planted Foods

Pictured: Ashley Kirk

2019 is “The year of the Vegan”

Well, according to Economist John Parker it is

The vegan diet has become more mainstream, for environmental, ethical and health reasons. Studies conducted by Harvard Medical School have reported that vegetarian diets reduce health risks associated with heart disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and certain cancers; colon, breast and prostate cancer.

The business of veganism is “booming”. Restaurant chain McDonald’s recently adopted veganism into their business models, adding vegan food items to their menus. Plant based meat manufacturer Beyond Meat, has become a heavy weight contender in the alternative meat market. Beyond Meat went public on May 1, 2019. Since then, the company has gained as much as 707%, and is currently up 531% over the period.

Years ago, people were hesitant to convert to veganism because, quite frankly, there were myths circulating about the vegan diet. From misinformation about the true benefits of veganism, the loss of protein as being a deterrent for many naysayers, to the non-flavorful food options available on the market. Still there are some people who question the benefits of veganism, while others have embraced the new dietary lifestyle.

If you decide to opt for a “meatless” diet, or perhaps you want to cut back on carbs but still enjoy deliciously prepared meals, you might want to call Chef Ashley Kirk, the Founder of Plant based food startup, Planted Foods.

Chef Ashely has built up an incredible reputation hosting unique, culinary experiences that includes, pop ups and private dinning events. Chef Ashley’s famous dishes includes, mushroom & pepper pasta, with a grapeseed sauce, or the famous, rich quinoa & lentil soup. Of course, we can’t forget about comfort food. Chef Ashely’s clientele have enjoyed her 4 course, comfort food classics such as, vegan style jambalaya, fried okra, yams, Black eyed peas, and cauliflower fried “chicken”. Her idea was to recreate classic items while making them plant based.

Chef Ashley’s cooking skills don’t stop there!

In addition to curating exceptionally tasting food dining experiences, Chef Ashley launched her own line of pre-packaged vegan products. Planted Foods pre-packaged goods are made with clean ingredients “Here at Planted Foods, we believe that ingredients should be familiar and simple”, Ashley Kirk. Planted Foods products contain no fillers, unhealthy preservatives, or manipulated ingredients.

Chef Ashley’s first line of products includes a Non GMO Nacho cheese sauce. Believe it or not, one of the hardest foods to give up for meat eaters who are transitioning into veganism is cheese. Planted Foods’ nacho cheese brand is flavorful, ultra-creamy and cheesy! The product line even has something for seafood lovers. Planted Foods’ Chickpea tuna has the same salty seafood-flavor, as canned tuna. Meat eaters, including recently converted vegans, will enjoy this delicious, healthy, and sustainable version. The Chickpea Tuna will definitely satisfy your seafood cravings.

Chef Ashley’s future goals with the Planted Foods brand is to eventually expand their product line of ready to eat food offerings to grocery stores, restaurants, and other distribution channels.

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