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Brooklyn, New York adds new "paw-menties" for pet residents

Photo credit: Paws in the City

Brooklyn, New York has undergone a complete transformation especially in the Crown Heights area. The neighborhood consists of tree lined, 20th century brownstones, along with a mix of businesses and restaurants. It’s vibrant, diverse community, has attracted residents from all over the world, including the “furry friends” population. Founder, “Jae” opened Paw In the City about a year ago In Brooklyn, New York.

Paw In The City is dedicated to pampering pets while making pet owner’s lives more easier with top of the line grooming salon, custom boarding hotels, dog-walking services, in-house pet sitting services and free dog food delivery. Brooklyn’s new residents have their own “paw-menities” that they can enjoy, just as their owners! Read more about how Jae and company are taking care of Brooklyn’s pet community.

Photo credit: Paws in the City

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