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Eight Kenyan fintech startups to watch for

Kenya is Africa’s third most attractive financial market. What makes Kenya more attractive to investors are the country’s strong governing policies and oversight, an active foreign exchange market and steady economic growth. The country has made significant strides in political, structural and economic reforms that attribute towards economic growth and social development.

The Fintech industry is quickly becoming Kenya’s fastest growing sectors.

What is Fintech?

Fintech is a financial sector that uses tech to improve and automate banking and financial services. Fintech companies create programs and technology that enables businesses to deliver, support or enable banking and financial services using software, and algorithms. With Fintech, consumers can apply for credit, manage investments, transfer money using smart devices.

Innovation in technology enables users of tech receive credit decisions more faster and accurately, reducing documentation, turn times, and human error. Fintech is one of the fastest growing industries, with heavy hitters like Supermoney, a consumer lending platform already surpassing $2 billion in loan requests. Read how 8 of the top Fintech firms are leading the industry in innovation, products and services. Full story

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