Here’s how your local Visitors Bureau can “unexpectedly” boost your business

Entrepreneurs miss out on a lot of opportunities to grow and scale their business, not because of “bad business decisions” but most of the time, it’s due to lack of information. It’s hard to determine what strategies and methods will position your company towards growth when you lack information.

Often times, it’s challenging to understand where the opportunities are and how to monetize them.

You may be overlooking opportunities right in your own backyard. Cities currently account for 45% of global international travel. Travel and tourism attributes towards economic development, growth, innovation and job creation. Your business can benefit from your city’s local tourism and travel.

How? Through your local tourism board, sometimes referred to as the “Visitors Bureau, Convention and Visitors Bureaus”. Visitor Bureaus provide a wealth of regional knowledge, this includes markets, communities, local night life, and lodging. Travelers tend to visit local Visitors bureau websites to plan their trips and create unique experiences.

Travelers are seeking to fully immerse themselves in culture, traditions, history, and indulge in unique local cuisines. Google data found that hotels and flights are booked 12 weeks in advance. Within the 3 months prior to the trip date, the search increases further for experiences. (Google 2019)

Local tourism websites help travelers experience cities like never before, transforming individuals from tourists to locals. Imagine having your business added to the Visitors Bureau website? The foot traffic alone, for your recently opened restaurant would increase significantly.

Here’s 8 ways your business can use the Visitors Bureau to boost your business


The city of Oakland, California does a pretty good job promoting local events such as First Fridays, a monthly street festival that incorporates community, and cultural art. Festival goers experience food vendors, live painters, DJ’s, poets, musicians and more. If you’re hosting a new event; pop up, art exhibit, conference, reach out to your local visitor’s bureau to submit your event.

Check to see what events are likely to be approved. Read the guidelines carefully. Submit your online form. Typically there is no fee associated with having your event promoted on your local bureaus website which is a huge plus considering you’re getting free marketing for your event!

Art & Culture

Art is one of the many creative expressions of emotions, feelings or ideas that enables people to connect with an artist’s work. Art exhibitions gives artists platforms to showcase their work.

Exhibitions are a lot of work. The good news is, there is a community that appreciates your hard work and one that will help promote your latest collection of paintings, sculptures, installations and more. Contact your local Visitors Bureau to promote your event. Most websites have an Arts & Culture section that lists upcoming shows and exhibits.


Festival culture is here to stay, with Nielsen Music estimating that 2 3 percent of the U.S. population attended a music festival in 2018, up from 18 percent in 2017, the biggest year-over-year growth of any kind of live music event.

Every city, and region is known for having some kind of festival. 23 percent of the U.S. population attended a music festival in 2018.

BottleRock, Napa’s fast-growing music festival is held in May attracting over 120,000 attendees. Essence Festival brings over half a million festival goers to the city of New Orleans each year.

Putting together a multi-day event in your local city is challenging but it gives your city a boost economically, while promoting the local music scene. As an organizer promoting an event, it may be beneficial to partner with the local visitors board to get the word out about your event.

Night life

Travelers love exploring the nightlife in cities across the globe. Bars & Lounge owners can maximize their marketing efforts by listing their venues on the Visitors Bureau website. More visibility for your establishment means an increase of foot traffic.