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I’m a huge fan of landing pages: Here’s why

While I understand the importance of having an online presence, I’m also aware of the budget constraints that many early stage entrepreneurs have, while developing their businesses. One thing about having to “bootstrap” your business is, you learn to be resourceful, which means being creative with the resources you have.

Custom built websites can be costly however, without an online presence it would be difficult to build your brand. I mean how else would clients find your page? You can opt for affordable, web service providers such as Wix or Shopify which offers ready-made, professional website templates. The other option: Landing Pages.

Why am I huge fan of landing pages? Easy!


Landing pages offers much more flexibility than websites. Landing Page users do not have to commit to a format, style, nor color scheme. In fact, users can switch up their themes at any time. Landing pages enables you to use the platform to build email lists, keep investors updated with a product launch, or create an upcoming event.

Test offerings

Landing Pages enables users to optimize marketing campaigns by testing out variations of your ads. Users can easily switch up the text, and designs to measure how the ads perform. Effective marketing strategies entails testing ideas to see what works and what doesn’t. Most Landing Page services has a built in analytics metric that allows you to track and measure your results, including the number of people who visit your landing page.

Take Pre-orders

A landing page is a great tool to use for pre-orders. Pre-orders are an invaluable part of the creative process when building a business. Customers can purchase products as “beta testers”, providing you with valuable feedback and insight about your product offering.

Collect Data

Landing pages are an excellent source for obtaining data. Data is insanely valuable to companies especially marketers. With collected data, companies can create customized products and services, improve process and systems, as well as create segmented, targeted campaigns. Collected data helps brands understand their demographics to convert prospects into paying customers.

Landing pages are a great option for establishing an online presence without having to build a website from scratch. If you’re still “on the fence” about your business idea, a landing page is an inexpensive option to test out your business idea. Landing page platforms can be used to collect data, including info on demographics of visitors which enables companies to create tailored products and services for consumers.

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