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The Speakerlab shares tips for landing speaking engagements in any industry

If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you already know, I’m a firm believer in monetizing your skills set and expertise. I think it’s essential for people to hone in on their skills and expertise, to create revenue generating opportunities.

We all have a level of knowledge and wisdom, or a skill set that can benefit someone. Speaking engagements enables experts to build a platform to share their knowledge, while placing you in front of an audience you may not have access to. Speaking engagements are great for:

  • Building your brand as an industry expert

  • Marketing your company, products and services

  • Networking with industry peers

  • Employment opportunities

  • The ability to collaborate and partner with organizations within your industry

  • Increase your earning potential

Here’s how you can get started with seeking paid speaking opportunities. Full Article

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