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3 New recently opened restaurants you must check out in the Bay Area

The Bay Area food scene has truly evolved into something incredibly, amazing! Black Chefs are trailblazing the culinary industry with unique cuisines, from vegan, to soul food to farm-to-table freshness! Check out 3 Black owned recently opened restaurants!

Vegan Mob

Chef Toriano Gordon has "whipped up" our favorite soul food and barbecue, into vegan "delicious-ness"! Ladies and gentleman, introducing, Vegan Mob. Vegan Mob uses plant-based, healthy ingredients, but without missing out on flavor.

Voodoo Love

Chef Tirzah Love, turned personal chef, caterer, now restaurant owner, recently opened Voodoo Love in San Francisco's Sunset district. Foodie's who love creole cuisine can indulge in Shrimp & Grits and Buttermilk fried chicken.


South American cuisine has invaded Pleasanton, Ca with the grand opening of Oyo. Your taste buds will definitely go into "sensory overload", experiencing all of the unique flavors, from Tapas to Jerk Jamaican chicken!

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