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A new wave of AI-ML powered startups that are driving innovative solutions to watch for

As you all know, I absolutely love blogging about upcoming Founders who are creating innovative products and services, while addressing social and economic issues such as climate change. AI and(Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) are the next big thing in business intelligence and analytics. The technology enables hospitals to better understand patient data, to providing retail brands information regarding customer behavior. Meet the startups driving innovative solutions.

Market size $1.5B

Donnel Baird, Founder of the startup BlocPower is definitely someone you should know! Baird is taking on Climate change as we know it, one neighborhood at a time. Urban areas across the North America produce an excess of 80% greenhouse gas emissions. Low income communities are often near polluted sites or live in housing develops without insulation or air conditioning.

BlocPower’s technology enabled software help provides inner cities with energy efficiency, renewable energy solutions for buildings in low income communities. Property owners around the country hire BlocPower to upgrade buildings and or create energy efficient equipment. As more cities move towards eliminating climate change, while reducing greenhouse gas reduction, Baird’s startup helps to further enhance the city’s exiting efforts with their renewable energy goals.

Market size $16.18B

Anu formally known as LexGraft, Co-Founder Tiyani Majoko is an attorney and a Diversity Advocate. Tiyani Majoko and Co-Founder Max Wulff, both graduates of Cornell University set out to launch an organization that matches the startup community with talent pools of qualified candidates. Creating qualified leads for professionals that work with startups using AI (artificial intelligence) to vet candidates and match them with startups. With Anu, first time Founders have access to a transparent and accessible talent pool of experienced professionals.

Market size $40.2 B

Ray McKenzie is on a quest to help companies improve customer satisfaction, retention, while saving costs associated with customer management. Small and large companies alike have trouble with customer engagement, communication, and lost transmissions. Poor customer service costs businesses $75B a year. Starting Point’s Customer Service & Management technology enabled platform uses AI (artificial intelligence) to simplify customer service and management.

Service based companies and teams can use data derived from AI (artificial intelligence) to streamline customer communication, including provide assistance, answering questions and automate workflows. Industries such as consulting services, real estate firms, insurance companies and financial services businesses would ideally benefit from Starting Point’s software. Why? They’re heavily customer-focused industries.

Artificial intelligence is impacting the future while completely transforming industries. From changing consumer shopping experiences, to marketing strategies AI technology will continue to become useful in a lot of ways.


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